Note: If you use IYF 2010 Windows, you can export to IYF Pro Windows, IYF Pro Linux or IYF Pro Mac databases
IYF v5 (2010) to IYF (2021) with the Import Button in the Index Menu tab.

26 November 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 16
^ Fixed: ( Windows, Linux, Mac ) When the database path is incorrect or does not exist IYF returns an error and does not work correctly. Now it reports the error and automatically sets the path where IYF is installed.

22 November 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 15
^ Fixed: [Windows-Linux-Mac] When Importing Mac databases, IYF crashes.
^ Fixed: When Exporting Linux databases, the interface crashes randomly.
^ Fixed: When importing Mac databases, if files have a blank space before the filename, the database tree viewer crashes.

05 November 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 14
+ Added: Added a Semaphore. When IYF Server is indexing IYF Clients are warned that the database is being updated.
* Improved: Scroll results.
* Improved: IYF Linux interface.
* Improved: Small internal changes.

15 October 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 13
* Improved: IYF for Windows now indexes the entire network without the need to type the exact path to each shared drive.
  For example:
  IYF for Windows: New Database -> Include Folder: \\\
  IYF for Linux and IYF for Mac do not need this enhancement because the operating system already does it.
  For example on Linux: /run/user/1000/gvfs/
  For example on Mac: /volumes/
  Note: Only works if you have the name and password to access these shared folders
* Improved: Sheduled enhancements
^ Fixed: When you click on the button to see if IYF is up to date it throws a 404 error. 

7 September 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 12

* Improved: Full, Classic, Fuzzy and Sensitive File Searches
  Fuzzy method:
  Search: dotobase
  Found: Database
  Why this method ?
  The search or file name may be misspelled.
+ Added : Button to know if you have the latest version of IYF

31 August 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 11
* Improved: Improved text search inside PDF files
+ Added: Path to Databases
+ Added: Search Only Mode

27 August 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 10
* Improved: Improved file search

25 August 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 09
^ Fixed: When Indexing, the searchable databases are unchecked.

20 August 2021 - IYF Pro Beta 08
First Beta Pro ( Windows - Linux - Mac )

14 May 20201 - IYF Freeware Beta 01 - Discontinued
First Beta Freeware ( Windows - Linux - Mac )
Last Update 26 November 2021