IYF Pro has the advantages of IYF Freeware and more:

Buttons and Popup Menu to copy, move, delete, export, etc .. found files.
Image Preview : png, xpm, bmp, cur, ico, icns, jpeg, jpg, jpe, jfif, tif, tiff, gif, pbm, pgm, ppm, psd, pcx, tga, svg
TXT File Preview : txt, ini, nfo, etc. ...
Database Tree Preview
Search inside TXT and PDF files ( Coming Soon More formats  )
Original Windows Icons ( Coming Soon on Linux and Mac )

Coming soon
Image Thumbnails when selecting more than one Image.
Search Image by EXIF ( Camera, Model, ISO, Speed, Flash, etc ... )
Search Songs by TAG ( Artist, Song, Style, Year, etc. ... )
Download IYF Pro 2021
Windows - 64Bit
Beta 12

Download IYF Pro 2021
Linux - 64Bit
Beta 12
Download IYF Pro 2021
Mac OS - 64Bit
Beta 12
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Last Update 7 Sep 2021