Year: 2021
IYF is back. Written entirely in Lazarus.

Welcome to Index Your Files - 2021

There are 3 versions of IYF.
IYF for Linux, Windows or Mac.

IYF works exactly the same on all 3 operating systems.
Same philosophy and visual concept on Linux, Windows or Mac.
Index Your Files


Download IYF Portable
Windows - 64Bit

Download IYF Portable
Linux - 64Bit


IYF is portable, this means that IYF can be installed on a Pendrive and you can index, import, export, save and search all the information you need running IYF from a pendrive.

IYF was created for small and large companies, where the company administrator or employees can find the documentation of each project within the network.

IYF creates individual databases for an employee/computer or you can create databases for the whole network and know where the information you need is located within the network.

IYF has access to folders and files on every computer in the network if the computer is turned on. If it is turned off it can only access file names.

IYF can index Windows, Linux or Mac networks. It doesn't matter if it is NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, EXT4, etc...
IYF indexes everything that the operating system is able to recognize.

IYF can share your databases. It does not matter in which operating system the databases are created. They can be shared between IYF Windows, IYF Mac or IYF Linux. ( Import / Export )

Alpha, Beta & Release Version

Currently the Alpha version will be Free.
Beta and Final versions will be shareware
Price: 15$ American Dollars per Operating System


Want to be a beta tester ? Contact me
When IYF is finished, BetaTesters will have their license forever.
People who improve the translation are also welcome, translators will have their license forever.

FAQ Windows ( 2010 ) :

Question : before it was free and now it is paid !
Answer : keep the free one ( 2010 )

FAQ Windows / Linux / Mac ( 2021 ) :

List of things to finish ?
Linux & Mac Icons
Drag And Drop
Popup Menu
Search Content
Buttons Panel Search
New Improvements

Download IYF Portable
Mac OS - 64Bit